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Potluck: Chicago @ Altgeld Sawyer Corner Farm 

Curated by artist Caitlin Ryan
Saturday, June 28th 12 – 8PM
2501 North Sawyer Ave

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Join Potluck: Chicago, Corner Farm Chicago and Logan Square neighbors in a comfort food potluck. You are welcome to bring a taste of your favorite comfort food dish and its recipe to share. The recipes will be added to the Chicago Recipe Box, a project that archives shared meals and promote further city-wide community binding. If you cannot commit to a dish, please still join us to enjoy the meal and other daylong activities.

Corner Farm Chicago operates two volunteer-run food pantry farms in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. They’re committed to providing freshly-picked, organically-raised produce to local families in need through food pantries and hot meal programs alongside community partners. Corner Farm also creates open, green spaces in one of Chicago’s most park-poor neighborhoods, offering families places to work, play, and experience the outdoors. And, above all, they believe in the power of neighbors working shoulder to shoulder to cultivate community and create healthy, sustainable neighborhoods. http://www.cornerfarm.org


Potluck: Chicago @ Global Girls, Inc.
Saturday, June 28th 2PM
The Global Studio
8151 S. South Chicago Ave
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Global Girls, Inc. will present a documentary of their trip to India. Seven girls from the south side of Chicago traveled to Chennai, in southeastern India where they worked with 30 girls at Kattaikuttu Sangum, a performing arts school. The short film shows the girls overcoming language and cultural barriers to create trust, friendships and finally a performance that showcase the girls’ issues and concerns. Following the film, the American travelers will talk about their experience and efforts to bring the Indian girls here to Chicago. Potluck: Chicago invites all guests to bring a comfort food recipe and a dish to share for our potluck before the viewing of the film.

Contact Deadre Warner 773.902.2359 or info@globalgirlsinc.org for additional information


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Please join us on June 16th from 6-8 for a potluck to build community, connect our projects, share food and make art and conversation. Our intention is to gather people together to eat, share and discuss creative futures specific to our communities. Participants in the June 16th event will gather together at Mana Contemporary to talk about ongoing efforts in the struggle for self-determination and justice in the community.  Bring a dish to pass along with its recipe, and we’ll supply the rest.

This event is FREE but seating is limited. Please RSVP here!
Thank You from all your hosts,
Potluck: Chicago, High Concept Labs, Mana Contemporary and Multiuso.
Chicago Recipe Box Installation, 2014
February 10 – April 26, 2014
Mixed media installation


In partnership with 6018North, Dorchester Projects, En Las Tablas Performing Arts, From the Roots (formerly known as Social Innovation Advocates), North Branch Projects, and Territory Urban Design Team

Potluck: Chicago, a community building project, seeks to increase local connectivity, using food sharing and community art-making to spark new conversations. Potluck: Chicago was launched in Fall 2011 through Columbia College’s civic engagement program, Critical Encounters. Students, community members, and activists came together for a series of shared meals, skill workshops, and discussions about strategies for re-imagining the social life of a city. Participants in Potluck engage in the initial stages of creative placemaking: imagining, evaluating, and becoming increasingly aware of the power of dynamic sociability. Deferring result and finalization, participants take risks and push their own levels of comfort. Potluck: Chicago looks to the social inequities that mark our neighborhoods and relationships with one another in order to spark actions on how we might harness the full potential of our city’s good.

The collective’s diverse participants are specifically interested in comfort food’s ability to bring people together. They believe that a potluck fosters a connection among diverse cultures and generations over the common need for nourishment. These moments of mutual generosity, when the story of one dish is exchanged for another, often reveals additional commonalities and dependencies among a seemingly incompatible group of people.

The Chicago Recipe Box archives their work with community partners and promotes citywide community bonding. Visitors are invited to sit at the dinner table and use the blank cards to contribute their own recipes to the project.  As the recipes accumulate, the installation will change shape and demonstrate both the plurality and similarities of our food culture. During the exhibition, the group will host two additional potlucks, soliciting contributions at Dorchester Projects and at Alberto Aguilar’s Wedding to the Unknown. At the end of the exhibition, the collective will generate decks of recipe cards for their collaborators and audiences, distributing them across the city at future events.

Potluck: Chicago at Dorchester Projects
Sunday April 6, 2014


12:00-2:00pm – Comfort Food Potluck Brunch (RSVP required)
2:00-6:00pm – Open House Programming

Potluck: Chicago- a group of artists, activists, and community members dedicated to bringing diverse communities together through food- and Rebuild Foundation invite you to bring a taste of your favorite comfort to share and its recipe to be added to the Chicago Recipe Box. The Recipe Box is a project that archives shared meals with community partners and promotes further citywide community bonding. Directly following the brunch, we will highlight a few of the many skills and professions of Potluck’s individual members through a series of workshops and conversations free and open to the public. Due to limited space, please RSVP for the brunch here!

PLEASE NOTE: we will randomly select 30 guests from the RSVP’s for the brunch only, but ALL are welcome to attend the open house programming!

6916 S. Dorchester Ave.  Chicago, IL 60637