Chicago Recipe Box

Chicago Recipe Box

The Chicago Recipe Box project archives the Potluck practice and helps promote further city wide community bonding. The project fosters new connections, strengthening Potluck: Chicago’s sustainability. Each potluck is held at a different community organization around the city. Guests are asked to bring a serving of their favorite comfort food dish and its recipe to share with others.

How it works:

  1. Participants bring comfort food and recipe to potluck
  2.  A meal is shared
  3. Cards are collected
  4. A deck is made
  5. Deck is added to the handmade Chicago Recipe Box 

Hand Crafted Recipe Boxes

Chicago Recipe Box Process 

Past community potlucks and a selection of recipe cards! Learn more about our community partnerships here.


Coming soon! Printable recipe card decks from each community and the box template to make your own Chicago Recipe Box!