“If you practice positiveness enough, it becomes a part of you.” – Ms. Jolly

Today we reflect on the words of Ms Marva Jolly, one of the three story tellers we met last November during our introduction to Dorchester Projects, who generously shared her history and thoughts. The act of sitting cross-legged on the floor at the foot of a woman who refused to “belly-up” to the harsh structures of the time, further exemplifies the significance of listening in every positive practice…..listening: a tool to generate passion.

“Passion is a funny thing…you never know what you are going to do.” – Ms. Marva Jolly


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  1. Ms. Jolly was a special woman with a special gift of helping others to imagine things with just a few words. She helped us Potluck to reinforce the practice of sharing and how this simple act has the power to change lives.

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