Potluck @ Critical Encounters Showcase: Rights, Radicals + Revolutions

Last fall, Potluck: Chicago borrowed inspiration from Hull House, Re-Thinking Soup, to host a Stone Soup potluck that reflected and acting on the lessons implicit in Stone Soup Parable. Over 100 people joined us to co-create a meal spurred on by laughter, conversation, and heaping mounds of vegetables.

On April 26, at the Columbia College Chicago Chicago Critical Encounters‘ Student Showcase, Potluck: Chicago brings you to the table again to reflect on the story of soup. Over the last 6 months we have learned that collective action is the key to scarcity; that our differences are minor, compared to our similarities. We will cook all day, adding your vegetables and your memories.

Throughout the day, we also invite you to answer the question “Why do you sit down to share a meal with others” in the form of a letter to yourself on the provided postcard. This serves as a moment of reflection on the act of meal sharing. Potluck: Chicago will provide another yet another moment to reflect and act when the postcard is mailed to you later in the year.

We convene in the evening to taste the results of collaboration and share our intentions for the future of Potluck and our wishes for Chicago.

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